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Renewal of our ISO 9001 certification in June 2024 !

We are delighted to announce that our company has renewed its ISO 9001 certificate in June 2024! This certification demonstrates our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Why is this important ?
– Credibility : Increases the confidence of our customers and partners.
– Efficiency : Optimises our processes and reduces costs.
– Satisfaction : Better meet our customers’ expectations.

This success is the result of the efforts of our entire team. We will continue to invest in innovation and training to maintain our high standards.

We’re delighted to be able to continue offering you certified graphics solutions and to maintain the standards of excellence for which we’re renowned.
MCS 3M 2024 certification : Our fleet of printers validated

We are proud to announce that our fleet of printers has been re-certified by 3M with MCS Certification for the year 2024.

This prestigious certification attests that our equipment complies with 3M standards for the use of their communication media, guaranteeing superior quality and unrivalled reliability for your graphic projects. It also ensures that all our products are covered by the 3M guarantee.

Visit to the Dassault Aviation plant in Seclin


We had the privilege of visiting the Seclin plant, which perfectly illustrates the quality and high technology of our aerospace industry, and more specifically that of Dassault Aviation.

Many thanks to the Gifas Aero Committee and Dassault Aviation for organising this day.

Style&Design x Automobile Propre


The Automobile Propre YouTube channel has released two videos showing our involvement in the retrofit of the 1969 Skoda Octavia Combi, both inside and out.

The first video covers work on the exterior of the vehicle. We had to make two cosmetic modifications (bumpers and rear wheel covers). Romain Saraiva gave a more detailed presentation of his job as a Modeller-Maker at Style&Design, as well as our work process on this vehicle.

The second video focuses on the upholstery work carried out on the interior of the vehicle.
Thomas Foucambert and Isabelle Ragon (Saddler Trimmer at Style&Design) were tasked with improving the vehicle’s aerodynamics and adding some ‘pizzazz’ with an orange velvet fabric.
This partnership has increased our visibility and demonstrated our expertise once again.


A New 2D Cutting Machine


As part of the development of our industrial tools, we have just integrated a new 2D cutting machine.

We create and manufacture objects that are tailored and series produced for all transport and luxury sectors.
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From initial idea to experiential prototype.
From requirement to industrial outcome.ed our expertise once again.

We believe in a multi-sectoral approach to creativity combined with quality, mastery of innovation and our actions to improve our environmental footprint.

Create & Develop

Accelerate strategic innovation using industrial design.

Concept design, products and systems linking innovation, technology and user experience for tomorrow’s transport, from creative idea to industrialisation.

Brands & Markets

Expand your industries using holistic, innovative and unique solutions.

A fully integrated, end to end value proposition to work alongside your commercial strategies making use of our skills in creative design, development, manufacturing and logistics.

Concept & Prototype

Supporting clients’ innovation.

Production of style mock ups, functional prototypes and complex demos (HMI, mechatronics and power electronic systems).


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Operational presence in 12 countries : influence in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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More than 13 years’ experience from ideation to design with a wide range of professional expertise:

Design creation


Colours and materials

Digital modelling

A-class surfaces


User Interface

User Experience

Brand Design


CAD mechanical designers

CAD/CAM programmers

System development engineer

Electrical engineer

Electronic engineer

Electro-mechanical engineer


Prototype manufacturing


Milling machining experts

Composite operators



Model maker



Series production

Production operators

Logistics officer

Quality controller

Development engineer

Summary of the declaration of the professional equality index between women and men for the year 2024 under 2023 data

In 2023, our company, Style and Design Group reached the score of 90/100, based on the 5 indicators selected :

– The gender pay gap,
– The difference in the distribution of individual increases,
– The difference in the distribution of promotions (only in companies with more than 250 employees),
– The number of female employees who are increased upon their return from maternity leave,
– Parity among the 10 highest earners.

We are proud to belong to such a company for which CSR is not an empty word.