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“Exciting opportunities as part of various projects”
By joining Style & Design you can be the author of your journey in close collaboration with a tightknit and committed group of people, who have a variety of complementary skills focussed on creating new products for our clients. 

Working at Style & Design will give you the possibility to take up exciting opportunities in various sectors: automotive, maritime, aerospace, luxury, railway.

We employ many young people recruiting each year graduates, apprentices and work experience students in the fields of Design, engineering and also in the paint, upholstery, modelling, programming and sheet metal working industries. Diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities form part of our culture.

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Style & Design, an employer brand

We have many responsibilities as an employer. Development of our employee skills, adapting to new ways of working to facilitate collaboration and group agility.

We are committed to encouraging women into technical careers and making sure that skills are handed down to the younger generation.

We are investing in the digital transformation of the HR department which is a real asset during the career of the group’s staff.

The aim of our strategy is to value our team and develop them within the company.

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Pilote études (F/H)

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Alternance Communication / Marketing & Commerce (F/H)

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Design Manager (F/H)

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Modeleur Maquettiste (F/H)

Style & Design Group recrute son/sa futur(e) Modeleur Maquettiste (F/H) !

Chef de projet Car Grooming (F/H)

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Chef de projet confirmé (F/H)

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Concepteur mécanique sénior (F/H)

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Spotlight on our experts

Collaborator focus : Luca Bouheraoua Jegou, Plastics Technician at Style & Design
an you introduce yourself ?
I’m Luca Bouheraoua Jegou, a plastics technician at Style & Design, and I’m 23 years old.

What do you do for a living ?
I work with composite materials (carbon, fibreglass, resin, epoxy, etc.) and put them into practice : design and production. I also set up technical tools for making parts.

Why did you join Style & Design ?
I was looking for a job in the IDF area and I have a passion for motor sport and cars in general. The modelling and prototyping parts really appealed to him.

What’s your favourite thing about your work ?
The unexpected, you often have to think about the “how”.

Do you have a funny anecdote or moment to share since you arrived ?
Nothing special springs to mind apart from the ski trip, but generally we have a good laugh.

Can you reveal something about yourself that’s not in your CV ?
I’ve had some unusual summer jobs : fishmonger, hospital orderly, delivery driver, etc.

What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning ?
Get dressed and go out.

What’s your favourite vehicle/mode of transport ?
At the moment the train, but usually the car, I’d like a Volkswagen transporter or a Peugeot 508.

A favourite film ?
I’m a film fan, so I’d say Fight Club or The Godfather.

A favourite music style ?
I listen to everything but especially rap.

If you had to sum up Style & Design in 3 words…?
1- Style 2- and 3- design (laughs)
Unusual, perfectionist and automotive.

The last word ?
I really like it here.

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Studio Design Manager
Create & Develop
“Let’s go !”
After a formation in digital design at ISD, I joined Ora ito studio, then Style & Design in 2014, as a Digital Modeller.

Today, my mission as Manager is to organize and manage the work in the Design Studio. But also, to be able to quantify the clients’ requests, in terms of time and planning, to allow each project to take place in good conditions. Putting the effort in the right place, in a defined framework !

With our expertise in design, 3D modeling, we are able to guide our client in his choices and offer a wide range of skills.

Project manager
Concept & Prototype
“Diverse and innovative projects”

Following my Masters in Mechanical Engineering Design, I started my career at Style & Design as a design engineer and is now a project manager.

My role is to supervise the various stages of the project from design through to production. The wide variety of projects at Style & Design is a real plus. We design models of cars, trains, planes and even pop-up stores for luxury brands. Thanks to our value chain which is the most integrated in France, our versatility and our wide experience in full size models, we are able to manage a large number of projects.

Automotive Graphic Designer
Brands & Markets
“Creativity as a performance driver”
Following my diploma in transport design at ISD, I did some personal projects in design, illustration and photography. I then joined Style & Design in 2019 as an Automotive Graphic Designer.

My role is to immerse herself in the client’s world to find new creative routes with different themes, using specific products such as badges, stickers, and additional decorative items. Together with the rest of the team they bring added value to the project, firing up the client’s imagination using storytelling.